about persona - from the artist

Through Persona I help clients to express who they love . . . what makes them cry . . . what makes them laugh. At persona, I strive to be innovative, fashionable, and edgy.

People are the stars of my photography, but it is a collaborative process. Together we set our portrait goals. I then develop an atmosphere that allows for a natural spontaneity. I work to create an image that will say something about who you are, what you do, and what you care about most deeply. I am happiest when my photography illuminates a relationship or explores the dimensions of emotion, personality and family.

During consultation I explore your tastes and preferences: what kind of setting do you want? What wardrobe, hair style and make-up will work best for you? The details can make the difference between a bland photograph and a striking portrait.

I use the power of music to create an inspiring environment, so I encourage my clients to bring their favorite CD's to studio sessions.

I view our time together as an experience, not just an appointment. I hope you will consider Persona for your photographic needs. And feel free to call with any questions.

~ Edward G. Dadulak